As Bob Whitaker once said, every tyrant in history has been wholeheartedly in support of free speech. But they also knew that free speech should not be ‘abused‘ by ‘radicals‘.

Some legal bureaucrat that is called ‘Amos N. Guiora’ wrote an article advocating the silencing of
(white) political dissidents (Op-ed: In this age of internet hate, it’s time to revisit limits on freedom of speech). Translation: “We don’t have a plan for dealing with the internet so we need to censor it”. 

The purpose of ‘hate speech’ laws is to make it so that legal bureaucrats get to decide who should be prosecuted and who should not. Thus, when Noel Ignatiev says “… so long as the White race exists, all movements against racism are doomed to fail.”, he will not be prosecuted, but someone saying something in defence of White people could be.

Hate speech laws mean nothing. I remember hearing the aforementioned Bob Whitaker on a podcast (I can’t find it to link to) where he said that Wiemar Germany had hate speech laws! He said that before Hitler was elected, he didn’t give speeches saying “Jews this and Jews that”. He would say “Cohen this and Rosenstein that”, and “it’s people like Cohen and Rosenstein who are running Germany into the ground”. The video below is a great example. Starting at 1:30 he pretty much says it, but he doesn’t actually say it:

Everybody knew who he was talking about but he didn’t actually say it (somebody else did, though!). If you know how to play the game, you can get around any hate speech law.

I was reading a book about student protest against Communism in Poland in the 80’s. They would do things like have a soccer match between team ‘Prosperity’ and team ‘Poverty’. Nothing that they were doing was actually illegal but everyone knew what it was making fun of. That kind of dissident speech got right past the censors. The Communist party and all their thugs were POWERLESS against it.

Bob’s approach is, as he says, “stealth“. As I mentioned in a previous post, his stuff works. The White Genocide meme is both moderate and extreme. It doesn’t involve insulting anyone but the implications of this meme catching on are devastating to our traitor-elite. And none of them will realize how dangerous it is until it’s too late.

The discussion that occurs in this video shows what is wrong with how we talk about the migrant situation in Europe. If you go ahead to about 1:40 you hear the commenter saying that Uganda’s population is exploding and that will put further demographic pressure on Europe.

No one says that this population increase is going to mean migrants go to Israel, Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea, China or any other non-White country. The reason is not economics. The reason why they will go to Europe is because the traitor-elite of the West is allowing them to come in. It is because the policy of our own leadership is to use mass 3rd world immigration to genetically exterminate us. Our own leadership is criminal and guilty of genocide against people of European decent.

The arrival of masses of non-Whites to Europe is not some natural event like rain falling. It is because of the traitor-elite of the West inviting them in, allowing them to stay, and giving them money and housing that we paid for.

I know it may seem strange to say, but the issue with regards to the migrant crisis is not the migrants. It is and always was, the policy of White genocide that our own leaders have been carrying out against us.

If pro-Whites would stop talking about crime rates and start saying that, our problems would be over very quickly.

In the 70’s and 80’s, most conservatives said that Communism was not efficient. They said it didn’t work as well as capitalism. The few people in the West who actually helped to bring communism down were saying that when you go to a communist country, you see fences with barbed wire on them and signs with the skull and cross bones (the international symbol for land mines). And there are towers with soldiers in them and the soldiers have guns. And if you try to get out of the country – they shoot you.

Professors in the West said the Warsaw Pact nations were ‘workers paradises’. But they were so wonderful that they had to build walls to keep the workers from escaping.

Today, cuckservatives and even many people on the right who do not deserve that label talk about how mass 3rd world immigration into  the West is bad because the immigrants aren’t ‘assimilating’, or because they commit lots of crimes, or use a lot of welfare or whatever. They, like the conservatives of the past, are missing the point entirely.

So what if the 3rd world immigrants aren’t obeying the law? What if they were? What if they were skilled, employed and non-violent? The importation of MASS 3RD WORLD immigration would still result in the genocide of White people. It would still mean that White countries would no longer be White in a few generations. It would still be GENOCIDE.

The fact that communism didn’t ‘work’ is not the point’. The point was that it was stupid and evil. Communism wasn’t just ‘inefficient’. People would wait in line for days outside of a bakery because there was going to be some flour delivered that week and there would eventually be bread. And across the street, some communist bureaucrat was planning the next 5-year plan. Communism wasn’t inefficient, it was STUPID.

A common joke at the time was “Last year Saudi Arabia went communist. This year there is a shortage of sand.”

People on the right endlessly beat around the bush on mass 3rd world immigration. Crime, welfare usage, cultural incompatibility, economics, unemployment. Even Race and IQ. As if arguing that 3rd  worlders have a lower average IQ is a reason they should not be allowed into the West. They should not be allowed in because WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO HAVE WHITE COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD.

The mantra and everything they do at BUGS cuts through so much bullshit. It is neither alt-right nor alt-lite. It does not sound extreme and yet it is.

It is hard for many people to grasp, but real political power belongs to people who get a good idea and then repeat it over and over again. People who just … won’t … shut … up.

And it’s a good idea to point out what is obviously evil. The openly celebrated immigration policy of White countries will result in the genetic extermination of White people.

It does not threaten our identity or our culture. It threatens US.

It is not ‘displacement’ or ‘swamping’ or ‘disenfranchisement’. It is WHITE GENOCIDE.

You just have to keep pointing it out.

The CBC (in Canada) has produced a hilarious video promoting White Genocide. Genocide of any people is not normally a laughing matter but when you make stuff this bad it becomes the Trolls 2 of anti-White propaganda.

The video is not a picture of the future. The following 2 facts are:

  1. It’s currently at 180 likes and 9,854 dislikes
  2. The comments are disabled

If I was going to have anti-Whites produce stuff that would ultimately cause a backlash or make White Genocide look stupid/evil, I would make stuff VERY similar to this. It seems that just in the last few years the left has become a parody of itself.

A pro-White troll I recently discovered, Herschel Lieberman, has written an article which is surprisingly close to the kind of crap you hear people like Barbara Lerner Specter saying.

It’s getting hard to tell who is a troll these days.

Imagine if people voted for the immigration policy that would change the demographics of America to those of the neighborhood they actually live in?

Many of the most red-pilled Whites are to be found in the most ‘vibrant’ areas. They experience Black and Brown hatred firsthand and generally know what ‘diversity’ means.

Some of the most pathetic, shitlib White people are to be found in the most lily-White areas. They never have to experience anti-White hate crimes and daily hostility.

It is ironic that if you don’t want to live around people that hate you, you must move to a neighborhood full of people who hate themselves.

Are You Happy Gun Nuts?

An innocent Somali refugee starts stabbing people and his young life was cut short by a senseless act of gun violence.

It’s the current year, America.

There are so many things wrong with this picture. Racismness. Marginalizationess. Privilegeness. Intersectional whatever … ness.

This was the legacy of some sort of -ism.

Ban White people. Ban guns. Ban America. I’m wearing my safety pin today to show that I care. Fuck Whiteness.