Language is Everything

One of the things I noticed when I was traveling through Eastern Europe was that the people there have a tendency to use collective possessive pronouns and collective possessive adjectives when talking about themselves.

WE don’t like something.

Something is important to US.

This is OURS.

Growing up in the latter part of the 20th century in the West, you don’t even realize that you’re using the language of anti-whites when you speak of ‘white people’ or ‘the white race’. We have been taught to always refer to US as something abstract and separate from ourselves.

When people refer to military action undertaken by the United States in the Middle East they speak of ‘the War in Iraq’ or ‘the War in Afghanistan’. The people who planned these military operations were careful to say ‘we will invade Afghanistan’ or have a war ‘in Iraq’. The American people did not like the idea of an open-ended, protracted war that could involve any number of countries.

It is dishonest to refer to these military actions as anything other than ‘the War in the Middle East’. It is a war that could go on for many years and could (as the events in Syria show) involve any country in the region. The language the media uses to refer to these ‘wars’ has been carefully crafted to present the whole mess as a small collection of limited and well-contained operations.

Language in politics is real power. It goes completely unnoticed, and yet it sets the tone for everything. The big, important, celebrity-politicians don’t even know how little influence they really have.

The evidence here is significant. It really does look like Hillary had a signal worked out for Holt.

The feeling I got watching this was like a very tiny piece of what I felt when I saw videos of the twin towers coming down, with the debris being spewed out of specific windows at high speed – seemingly from an extremely powerful explosion happening inside the structure. I thought I was pretty cynical already. I literally assume that people in the MSM openly talk about how to get Hillary elected among themselves at work, but I wouldn’t have thought they would go to this extreme. If for no other reason than because it is something that can be noticed and EXPOSED in the Internet age. Oh well, I guess we should be glad they are so stupid and complacent.

hqdefaultJoseph Tainter wrote a book called Collapse of Complex Societies, which I recommend. In it he argues that ‘collapse’ is basically when a complex society becomes less complex. An example would be the Soviet Union. It’s gone and now we have Russia and some other states. It ‘collapsed’ in the sense that Ukraine, Belarus and other parts were jettisoned because maintaining the whole thing was too expensive. I’m not sure if there has ever been a case where a society completely fell into a black hole.

Tainter also says that a complex society must provide ’tangible benefits’ to it’s participants otherwise they will no longer have an incentive to support the system and will look for an alternative. One tangible benefit is physical security. Another is food. If America can provide these kinds of things than I guess that means the system really does ’work’. But the disappearance of these things, like deadlines, has a way of focusing the mind.

I will say this; importing millions of non-whites, endlessly printing money and an economy which is based on ENDLESS economic growth are all linked. I believe that it is impossible to address one of those problems without addressing all of them. The GOP will not point out the first problem because they want cheap labour, White Liberals will not because they are PC, and non-whites will never address it because they view it as the source of their growing political power and they rightly understand that an America that is 60% White is still dangerous.

Who is the net consumer of resources in America? Non-Whites. Who is the net producer? Whites. If resources become scarce, what could we propose to the residents of the Red States to alleviate the economic hardship? When California goes bankrupt a lot of people in the Red States will not want to bail them out. When Chicago goes bankrupt (it will) the people of Illinois will not want to bail them out. Everyone in Michigan knows why Detroit went bankrupt.

Due to economic hardship and austerity, it will become convenient to be Pro-White. People like us will support WN on principal, but Joe 6-pack will support it because it will make his life easier. He will have more government benefits because of WN. WN means (just as one possible example) the residents of Northern California joining Oregon and then telling the rest of California to go screw themselves. It means the Red States dumping the Blue States because they are too expensive (as well as hostile).

WN is the only viable solution to our economic and political problems. In times of economic depression we need to pull together and co-operate. This is IMPOSSIBLE in a racially diverse country but the White parts of America could do it. America needs to collapse to a lower level of complexity.

In addition, as resources become scarce, competition for those resources will increase and that competition will not be just White vs. Non-White. Blacks and Latinos hate each other and have every reason to fight with each other – their political alliance is temporary. Perhaps we could propose austerity measures where one of them is given preference over the other in some way. Any successful WN movement must turn blacks and Latinos against each other – it is the logical strategy.

Mind Weapon is right to advocate the things he does because it will create Whites who will reject this system. It will create people who will, when presented with the prospect of bailing out non-white cities and states, choose to cede them to the 3rd world and maintain the land we currently have as an explicitly White nation that will not allow ANY non-white immigration.

But before we can plan any torchlight parades we need to do the groundwork for explicitly Pro-White political action and that is the Mantra. Once average White kids are saying “Anti-Racist is a codeword for Anti-White” we will have already positioned the pieces for checkmate. The Internet has destroyed across-the-board compliance with Anti-White dogma. We are starting to argue. They are censoring the comments section because of US.

In 1938 no one knew that Molotov and Ribbentrop had made that pact. Every war is won before the first shot is fired. By the time a bunch of people get together in a room and decide to form a pro-White party, all the work is done. The rest is just politics.


Dissidents in the Soviet Union died of starvation in the gulag. Pro-White dissidents today will die of laughter.


The connections made between bad things and Christianity are as erroneous as the connections made between good things and Christianity.

Christians often argue that Johann Sebastian Bach was able to compose such brilliant music because he was inspired by God. Which is an argument so stupid that it is embarrassing. To put it bluntly, Bach wrote that music because of the brain held within his skull and its ability to function on a high level.

On the flip side, people claim that Christianity was to blame for the Spanish Inquisition. In that case, the Spanish people had been oppressed by foreigners for a very long time and eventually they managed to overthrow their occupiers. And when you do that, you ‘go to town‘, taking revenge and destroying all perceived enemies and collaborators. If the people in Spain had been atheists they would have been just as brutal.

In addition, you do not need religion in order to persecute people for having a different opinion. You just need a different opinion and the belief that yours is the capital “T” truth. You can just as easily justify burning people at the stake for being Communists, not being Communists, being pro-White, being anti-White, and so on.

Genocide, by definition involves killing people because of their ethnic background. Citing ones religious beliefs is a pretty flimsy basis for killing them. Inspiring the fear and hatred necessary to get people to support genocide requires having a target group that actually functions in society, controls resources and acts as a political unit. Simply having an opinion about an impossibly abstract concept is not sufficient.

This is probably part of the reason why I’m not very interested in discussing religion and atheism. The debate seems meaningless to me because even if the atheists won the debate and everyone saw things their way we would still annoy and slaughter one another, just for different reasons.

I am so sick of hearing economists talk about how we have too much debt built up in the system and one day we will pay for our economic mismanagement. The economic numbers are NOTHING. It’s the stuff you can’t put in a spreadsheet that’s really scary.

We will have to pay more than we think.