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obama-head-wringer1Across the span of time and against all odds, all pessimism and reality, It has come. It has come to us on a flowing cloud of hope, carried by the winds of change. It is the power, the one, the everything, the glowing little center of the cosmos. It is The Obama.

Before The Obama, there was anger. There was war and greed. Hurricanes would strike the heartland and a city would be left sunbathing helplessly on rooftops. This is now at an end. Before The Obama, there was division. Now all will be made One. Before The Obama there was Iraq. Now there is Afghanistan.

There will be those who try to defame The Obama. They will say that It has failed, that Its dreams have not come true. That ‘the economy’ is bad. These things are of little consequence. For the pessimists will cite ‘practical’ problems. Infrastructure, employment, taxes, and the like. These things too will melt away.

For there is no truth but Ideological Truth. And The Ideological Truth is that Tolerance has come. It will Rule from now on. It is this most Highest and Lofty Truth that we praise. Jobs, crime, law, political rights are mere larvae to this marching Goliath. We have elected The Obama. The Obama is Black. The Obama is Good.

We are Progressive and we are making Social Progress. That is what is important. That is what The Obama represents. ‘Issues’ are of no concern when bowed in reverence to the great, towering temple that is Social Responsibility.

As the religions that scurried about this little orb, before It came to us, shunned ‘the world’ in favor of ethereal things – so too shall we, the bearers of the True Faith. We will allow our eyes to look past the puny little concerns of reality and observable fact. We shall instead strive, no matter what, no matter the human cost, to adhere to the higher Truth. The Truth of Social Responsibility and Social Progress.

Go now and let your minds be at rest.


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This blog will generally be concerned with my views on issues in politics, society, philosophy or whatever peaks my interest in the day-to-day events of our world. I can’t say I know exactly where it will go from there but I do intend to make this a learning experience for myself. My thoughts may not always be intersting or relevant but I will endeavor to improve my writing as I go along.

You may commence being in awe of my brash originality.

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