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I don’t really know any advanced level chemistry but I understand some basic things.

If you take some apple juice and pour it into a glass, and then add some orange juice and a little lemonade, you could leave it sitting on the kitchen table for as long as you like – it’s not going to explode.

If you take some type of acid, add another type of acid and then throw in some other chemical, you could also leave it sitting on the kitchen table and probably nothing would happen.

But if you have the right mix of chemicals and then expose the mix to high enough levels of heat, it will explode.

It would then be quite stupid to blame the explosion solely on the source of heat. The substance you have is basically volatile and should be handled and stored with great care.

I have the utmost confidence that the government, media and general public of Britain will attribute the riots that recently died down across England to ‘deprived circumstances’ and things like that. The fact of the matter is that the kids who participated in the looting and mayhem are basically stupid. If you want to get at the real reason why all this has happened then read the Bell Curve.

For most people, that book was about racial differences in IQ. Actually, it was about a very dark and troubling future in America based on demographic and social trends, partly the result of the way modern society is different from the old days, but largely due to leftist social policy and the corresponding pathologies it spawns.

One of the things I took away from the book was how Hernstein and Murray showed that different IQ groups (i.e. people in the 80-95 level and those in the 115-130 level) were becoming more socially and physically isolated. Whole communities, they found, had seen their 100-120 IQ kids plucked out and whisked off to the halls of academia, to be dispatched from there to a nice middle to upper middle class existence in some completely different community populated by similar people. Meanwhile, welfare and sexual liberation (the latter was not mentioned in the book as I recall) were breeding the lower rung of the intellectual gene pool to become a toxic mix in large volume.

'Sub-Prime' genetics

It is this toxic mix of stupidity, criminality, sexual promiscuity, and the general whirlwind of gutter culture that it creates, feeds off and perpetuates which explains why the young people of these communities behaved in such an anti-social and retarded way.

I have been impressed by how utterly idiotic these kids are. So impressed that it prompts me to make a bold prediction. These morons will play a role in social and political change (of whatever variety). You see, it is acceptable to allow some genius to kill himself or work away in a factory instead of creating something beautiful or useful. But you cannot allow stupid people to go to waste. They are far too useful. Since these kids are dumb and unemployable, they really wouldn’t be well suited to a modern military like Britain’s, which has too much complex equipment and requires too many skills to make use of those who inhabit the ashtray of society. So war fodder is not an option. No, this lot will be deployed domestically. Perhaps to further the interests of the elite whose social policies bred them or maybe they will be turned against that elite by some other faction.

Who ever manages to stuff their cannons with this trash, the general discussion will be about throwing money at them along with some lip service to morality. And they will continue to grow and smash stuff (or people) unless some impossible to imagine point in the future arrives, when people are so fed up that they are actually forced to examine this social phenomenon from a less naive perspective. But most likely they’ll just be cannon fodder.


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Explaining away the obvious is a highly intellectual process.

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