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I have listened to so many podcasts, read so many blog posts and seen so many end-of-the-world documentaries and movies that I am convinced such fearful prognostication has become part of the background of contemporary, post-Lehman Brothers culture. The forcasts people make are quite serious. They are talking about inflation, riots, unemployment, poverty, etc …

But for all the doom and gloom we are subjected to, I cannot imagine a single moral/cultural consequence of such economic collapse which would in any way be negative. It is exzactly the spanking we NEED. We are so materialistic, selfish and above all, in awe of stupid, dogmatic ideology which is diametrically opposed to any kind of sanity or sustainability that the only conceivable way we will reform ourselves and our society is to suffer. And that is, unfortunately, the cure for many of our problems.

Only a tiny, highly rational elite of people are able to simply read a few books and conclude that their present course is wrong. For the bulk of people, for whole countries, this intellectual process of realizeing does not happen. If they are so deluded that they cannot see how insane and self-destructive our materialistic, multicultural, quagmire society is, then the only way for them to change their ways is to suffer the consequences of their delusions. Most alcholics need to hit rock bottom. Some may be able to figure out that something is wrong before that, but when you are dealing with a whole society made up of millions of people, you HAVE TO hit rock bottom.


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I saw part of Angels in America, an HBO program based on the play by Tony Kirshner. It reminded me of the movie adaptation of the Broadway musical Rent.

Both productions lovingly celebrate the equisite tragedy of homosexuals suffering from AIDS. It seems to be a kind of religion for urban homosexuals and the left generally. I wanted to look at this, not from the point of view of someone who thinks homosexuality is evil or sinful, but just from the prespective of someone with common sense – not a propaganda saturated, drooling leftist college kid.

Let’s forget about what you think of homosexuals themselves. Just look at them with a pathologist’s scrutiny. They like to screw each other. I’m not sure how plausible it is for one to mention that amongst ‘polite’ company, but I suspect most people KNOW it.

I have known my fair share of leftists. The kind that have been so thouroughly raped by PC dogma that they think their beliefs are not even political, but moral, and cannot concieve of how a sane person could differ. These are also the type that are so sure of themselves and the fraudulent society they live in that they have no idea how to deal with arguments or viewpoints other than the sterotypical, pre-packeged ones which are made by the toothless redneck they see portrayed on TV shows. So if even the leftists I have known have said in private company that homosexuals are very promiscuous, then the rest of us surely know as well.

If you call up the Center for Disease Prevention and Control in Atlanta, they will tell you that since AIDS is transmitted primarily though intercourse, those who engage in intercourse with a greater number of people will be more likely to become infected. If one is having sex with many different people, and in turn, those people are likewise willy-nilly with their willy, well then you have a perfect storm. Thus, it’s no surprise that homosexuals have a high rate of AIDS/HIV infection.

To get back to these two broadway productions (Rent and Angels in America), both celebrate the pain and tragedy of AIDS and how generally fag-erific it is for gays to be afflicted with it.

AIDS is a horrible disease and there are few who truly deserve to suffer from it. But I feel compelled to raise the question: If you have been busy fucking and sucking everything you can, and perhaps in some cases not even using protection, then exzactly HOW MUCH sympathy do you deserve? That’s not meant to be a rheotorical question. I’m not suggesting that you don’t deserve any sympathy. But after compulsively engaging in what is the highly sophisticated equivalent of scrathing an itch, how fucking poetic do you think your resulting medical condition is?

What about little kids who have terminal cancer? They will never get to fall in love. What about young men sent off to war against their will who get maimed or killed? They had their youth or their very lives stolen from them.

The musical Rent was based on the opera La Boheme. But in that story the final tragic death suffered by Mimi is from ‘consumption’ (probably tuberculosis). A disease that one cannot really help but contract. But there is a great deal one can do to avoid getting AIDS. Nothing is for sure but you can certainly ‘help’ it. Not frequenting the bathhouse is just one of the more basic precautions available.

It’s hard to consider AIDS and the people who suffer from it on quite the same level as starvation, war, malaria and other disasterous phenomena because to put it bluntly, you get it from having sex. And sex is fun. So if people, of whatever sexual orientation, who enthusiastically endevour to get laid with lots of different people, rather than agree to exercise the self control necessary to build a pair bond, have kids and stay toegther long enough to raise them in order to maintain some kind of viable civilization, find themselves infected with a sexually transmitted disease, I can’t help but be a little annoyed when I see this endless litany of productions extolling the eloquent misery of the AIDS patient. There are things more deserving of our attention.

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The Pilgrims are said to have knowingly given Indians blankets that had tiny little microscopic smallpox ‘germs’ on them. When? Well … in ‘Pilgrim times’, so around 1600 or 1700, right?

One question : When was germ theory invented?

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Today we’ll look at a few examples of white art and why it’s so important for us in this culturally and racially dark age. The first example (seen above) is something I discovered when I was a teenager. I actually bought a poster that combined these three John William Waterhouse paintings (from left to right: Ophelia, Psyche Opening the Golden Box, Windflower). Truth be told, there was a ‘hormonal’ element to the appeal of these paintings for me. To put it in our modern lingo: some pictures of hot white girls.

These three paintings celebrate white female beauty and young people will imprint on these kinds of images.

I think I inadvertently read on Google News that Beyonce was named the worlds sexiest woman (I wonder how many people silently disagree with that). I can’t imagine how they could think she is more atractive than any number of white women, but then again that is my instinctive preference. (The diversity of human aesthetic/sexual preference is facinating. There are tribes in Pakistan that consider a woman more feminine the hairier she is. And Massi women find a man masculine if he is, not only tall, but skinny). My only guess is that the people who gave Beyonce that title were trying to prove that they were ‘on the cutting edge’ and perhaps they felt the Obamanation damanded the title be given to such a woman.

I knew a REALLY left wing girl in University who said that she thought the character ‘Warrick‘ from CSI Las Vegas was attractive. As my above reference to the highly alien preferences of the tribes of Pakistan and the Masai attest, I respect the right of different races to find different things attractive. But god damn! If you’re a white girl and you find that attractive then there is something very wrong with you and there is going to be something VERY wrong with your kids.

Anyways, the above three paintings display the Holy Trinity of Aryan hair colours: Redhead, Blonde and Brunette. Actually, black haired women should not be left out:

Andrea Corr of the Irish band The Coors

I rest my case.

In summation, having art in your home with these uniquely European types of beauty will help you and your family to psychologically secede from the larger trash society and nurture a dissident white culture. It is just one of the ways in which our people will survive this demographic genocide that is being committed against us.

In a future post we will look at some art that is subverive as it celebrates parenthood and fertility.

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Accolade - Edmund Blair Leighton

I remember being in a Philosophy class called 'The Philosophy of Art' in University years ago and hearing about something called 'Piss Christ'. Our professor was the sort of woman who is so infected with feminist disease that it was not even necessary to speak to her to know what sort of woman she was. She had a short, militant haircut and narrow hips that had clearly not passed a single child.  And by her age one could tell that her last sad, solitary egg had floated off to nothingness some time ago.
Despite my hatred of anti-white ‘intellectuals’ like her, I couldn’t help but feel something like pity for her when she claimed that the bond between mother and child was actually a social construct. She said that in France in the 17th or 18th century, upper-class women had their children taken away after birth and raised by someone else until they were adolescent (I don’t know if this is true and it doesn’t really matter). And thus, the concept of some mother-child bond was just ‘cultural’. The pain of the modern woman who decieded to not have kids (or put it off for too long) must be a very unique anguish which is hard to describe. And the use of political ideology to explain away or redirect that dissatisfaction makes it all the more pathetic. I suppose for that generation of feminists, politics really is personal.

‘Piss Christ’ is a photograph of a crucifix, submerged is urine. There’s not a whole lot more to say about it. This kind of crap is always protected by freedom of speech, but if someone wanted to use similarly scatological methods to insult black slavery, or the Holocaust or Islam, it would not be allowed. But if anything white is treated in this way, or in this case Christian (which is hated only because it has been the traditional religion of white people for the last 1000 years or so), it is ‘intersting’ and it ‘challenges’ us.

Art is a battlefield. It can be other things as well but in the present day it is often a forum in which the struggle for our hearts and minds is fought. For many white people, our traditional, positive art is unknown. They are hooked up to the Matrix of MTV and are not even aware of it.

Temptation - William Bouguereau

For myself, as a teenager, discovering classical music, particularly Beethoven, Mozart and Bach, and later Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky and Wagner was revolutionary. It was completly different from anything I had heard and it seemed diametrically opposed to the materialism, frivolity and groinal urges of pop music.

Later on I got into paintings and it was specifically the work of William

The Lady Clare (Study) - John William Waterhouse

Bouguereau and John William Waterhouse which showed me what visual art could be. I also found a great website (artrenewal.org) which seemed to share my feelings about what a serious matter art was. 

This meta-war we are fighting has many fronts. One of them is your living room, especially if you have kids. Is there a TV hooked up to cable right now? If there is then you are losing on that particular front. The art, music and general entertainment we enjoy (I hate it when people say we ‘consume’ art) are important. As we find dark, foreign faces around us in cosmopolitan centres, it is important to remind ourelves and our children of what OUR beauty is. And let it be held up as an ideal we can strive for so that, in the face of sneering brown hatred,  we have a vision of what our future will be.

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Part of being involved in this conspiracy for a better future is knowing, not only that multiculturalism is bad for whites, but that it is bad for every group (except one), and that it is all based on fraud. If you are pro-white, or pro-anyone quite frankly, you must understand that the changes brought about in the last 50-75 years have not acheived their stated goals.

An excellent example of this is the black illegitimacy rate. In 1940 that particular indicator of social pathology was only 19%. Today it is somewhere around 70%. This has come about over a time when changes in law were being enacted to integrate blacks and whites and allow blacks to work and study in the same instituions as whites. If blacks could go to Harvard, it was thought, they could excell as anyone else could.

But how can any group participate in higer education or go for middle class jobs when 70% of them are born in a broken family to a mother who very likely is young, uneducated and a paragone of the very irresponsibility that caused the conception in the first place?

Blacks were given opportunities to move forward at the very same time the basic foundation of their economic and educational prospects was being destroyed. What is the point of having an admissions policy at the nation’s colleges which discriminates in favour of blacks if a whole section of them are incarcerated?

When you think of it, The KKK’s policy towards blacks was tame by comparison to the nuclear fallout of leftist sexual revolution and social policy . They basically wanted to ensure whites remained on top of Southern society. They never considered fundamentally eroding the basis of the black community.

And if you are a minority trying to survive and get ahead, government policies like discrimination can be gotten around with ingenuity and networking. But if the very moral fabric of your people has been shredded, and belicose, over gesticulating rappers extoling the virtues of ‘bling’ are your poets, it’s more than simply an uphill battle.

I would much rather be a member of an oppressed group that has kept it’s morals and traditions and has an ethic of work, sexual restraint and sobriety, than find myself in the modern inner-city of Detroit, the citadel of Obamanation.

How callously they ruined black America. What a sick joke it all is. I’ve been angry about what they have done to my race for years, and somehow it makes it all the more disgusting to see that it hasn’t even been done for the benefit of blacks. They, like every other group in any diverse society, are simply pawns being played against the other pawns for the benifit of an elite few.

And the blindingly arrogant ideology of ‘diversity’ and ‘tolerance’ is exactly what protects it and makes it impossible for people to see.

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I like to use the term ‘demographic genocide’ because I think it almost automatically causes white people to think of immigration. The combination of the two words is great because it connects a word we are so often used to hearing in connection with “The Changing Face Of (insert a white country here)”, and a word we associate with the wholesale, calculated extermination of a people. And that’s exactly what non-white immigration into EVERY white country and ONLY white countries is.

I first heard the term was used by the Dalai Lama to describe China’s policy of moving massive numbers of ethnic Han Chinese into the province of Tibet. I think his point was that Beijing was flooding Tibet with Han Chinese in order to a) immediately create a  political voting block that would ensure Tibet would remain a part of China, and b) move so many Chinese in, that the remaining Tibetans would simply intermarry and be absorbed into the Chinese population – thus bringing about the genetic extermination of the Tibetan people.

The policy is the same as what our leaders here in the West are doing to whites. First, get voters for the pro-multicultural elite in order to solidify their rule, and secondly, to move so many non-whites in that the remaining whites simply intermarry with them and are submerged into the larger demographic swamp.

And if some whites remained, they would be such a tiny percentage of the population that they would, presumably, not be able to change anything. Remember the UN definition of ‘genocide

“Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;”

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