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If you read Edmund Burke’s Reflections on the Revolution in France, you get the sense that he basically wanted the same kind of society that British Liberals wanted, but he disagreed on how to go about creating it.

Some people are old enough to remember a time when conservatives and liberals basically wanted the same sort of society but one was more ‘leftish’, with higher taxes and bigger government and the other wanted limited government and lower taxes. They were different approaches to running a political state but both agreed on what the country would actually LOOK like.

But now we have a left that wants to flood the West with mass 3rd world immigration and force the conditions that would inevitably lead to intermarriage. In other words, the left is committing genocide against white people.

Up until recently, the right in America played the loyal opposition, agreeing with the left that White people had to go, but claiming they were for ‘muh principals’ or ‘muh proposition nation’. This is why we call them ‘cuckservatives‘, because they pretended to represent the interests of White people in some abstract, muted way, but actually were complicit in organizing our genocide through mass non-white immigration and forced assimilation. They would talk about embracing the Latino vote because they were planning on a future without White people.

What is happening in politics now is that the right is being taken over by the ‘alt-right’. (Soon there will be no ‘alt-right’, it will just be the ‘new right’ and then it will just be ‘the right’). People on the alt-right want to live in a White country. A lot of mainstream conservative voters silently agree with them. We will see very soon, a political situation where the right and the left fundamentally disagree on what America should LOOK like.

The concept of having a left and a right is based on the idea that there is a CENTRE. THERE IS NO CENTRE. There is only us and them. Pro-White and Anti-White.

Issues related to homosexuality, abortion, et cetera are irrelevant. A reasoned debate on those issues can only occur between people who view each other as brothers and sisters of a common nation. We can deal with those issues later. Right now, only fighting WHITE GENOCIDE matters.


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America has 3 major political parties. The Republican party, the Democratic party and people who don’t give a shit. And the 3rd party is BY FAR the most powerful.

Now when I say ‘the most powerful’, I want to be very clear. If you have gone on multiple camping trips for many years, and someone asks you what is the most formidable creature you have to contend with in the forest, you might say the mosquito, or the tick. And thats true. Until a bear shows up.

Democrats and Republicans may seem to wield more influence. But thats just because the bear is sleeping.

In 1932, President Herbert Hoover got more votes than any other candidate in history, except for his opponent – Franklin Roosevelt. Hoover was the incumbent, and had been blamed, in large part, for the Depression. Americans were very upset in 1932.

People who regularly vote may seem highly motivated and even shrill. But only about 50% of eligible voters (and a bunch of illegal aliens from Mexico) ever turn out to vote. Some people even turn out to vote multiple times. But if things get bad enough, a whole mass of people who have been off the political radar for a generation SHOW UP.

If I was Trumps advisor, I would encourage him to focus, not on the swing voters, but on America’s 3rd party. America’s most powerful party.

If I was an advisor to any candidate in the future, either here in America or anywhere in Europe, I would advise him to work on waking up the bear. And if there is anything that will cause the bear to stir these days, and certainly in the years to come, it is the most important political, social and economic issue of our time: Immigration.

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Whites cannot be defeated physically. Whites must be defeated psychologically

Why fight an enemy when you can convince him he has no chance of victory? Why only convince him he has no chance of victory when you can convince him he doesn’t even have the right to exist. Why simply demotivate him when you can convince him to actively fight against his people. This is the purpose of psychological warfare. Sun Tzu says that the acme of skill is to defeat an enemy without using force.

Anti-White propaganda achieves all of these things. Anti-White propaganda puts Whites on the defensive. It is not who wins the argument, it is what the argument is about. If we debate the historical accuracy of the film 12 Years a Slave we lose. If we debate why only White countries are supposed to feel guilty for slavery/colonialism (not Turkey, Japan, et al.) we win. If we debate how nasty slavery in America was we lose. If we debate why only White countries are supposed to accept immigration but not Japan or South Korea we win.

12 Years a Slave makes us feel guilty and thus prevents us from morally justifying taking any political action that would defend ourselves. The Holocaust makes us feel like any action we take to defend ourselves is ‘Nazism’ and will lead to another Holocaust.

The issue is not the legacy of slavery. The issue is not the Holocaust. The issue is White Genocide. These movies, college classes and news stories are produced to wage psychological warfare against us. Their purpose is to determine what the issue is. But the issue is White Genocide.

If Whites take to the streets in protest we win. But psychology is the antecedent to action. We must wage psychological warfare first. If we can get White kids to go on the offensive and repeat “Anti-Racist is a Codeword for Anti-White” and “White Genocide” then the foundation has been laid. Political action will follow. If we keep discussing slavery movies, if we keep defending ourselves from their accusations, we will never fight back.

“We are all human!” does not justify White GENOCIDE

“We all bleed red!” does not justify White GENOCIDE

“Because of history ” does not justify White GENOCIDE

“For the economy” does not justify White GENOCIDE

“A shortage of doctors” does not justify White GENOCIDE

“Race is a social construct!” does not justify White GENOCIDE

“We are all from Africa!” does not justify White GENOCIDE

Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

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One of the things I noticed when I was traveling through Eastern Europe was that the people there have a tendency to use collective possessive pronouns and collective possessive adjectives when talking about themselves.

WE don’t like something.

Something is important to US.

This is OURS.

Growing up in the latter part of the 20th century in the West, you don’t even realize that you’re using the language of anti-whites when you speak of ‘white people’ or ‘the white race’. We have been taught to always refer to US as something abstract and separate from ourselves.

When people refer to military action undertaken by the United States in the Middle East they speak of ‘the War in Iraq’ or ‘the War in Afghanistan’. The people who planned these military operations were careful to say ‘we will invade Afghanistan’ or have a war ‘in Iraq’. The American people did not like the idea of an open-ended, protracted war that could involve any number of countries.

It is dishonest to refer to these military actions as anything other than ‘the War in the Middle East’. It is a war that could go on for many years and could (as the events in Syria show) involve any country in the region. The language the media uses to refer to these ‘wars’ has been carefully crafted to present the whole mess as a small collection of limited and well-contained operations.

Language in politics is real power. It goes completely unnoticed, and yet it sets the tone for everything. The big, important, celebrity-politicians don’t even know how little influence they really have.

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