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The CBC (in Canada) has produced a hilarious video promoting White Genocide. Genocide of any people is not normally a laughing matter but when you make stuff this bad it becomes the Trolls 2 of anti-White propaganda.

The video is not a picture of the future. The following 2 facts are:

  1. It’s currently at 180 likes and 9,854 dislikes
  2. The comments are disabled

If I was going to have anti-Whites produce stuff that would ultimately cause a backlash or make White Genocide look stupid/evil, I would make stuff VERY similar to this. It seems that just in the last few years the left has become a parody of itself.

A pro-White troll I recently discovered, Herschel Lieberman, has written an article which is surprisingly close to the kind of crap you hear people like Barbara Lerner Specter saying.

It’s getting hard to tell who is a troll these days.


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I suggest a new word. Actually a re-edit of an existing word. Anti-White like to throw the word ‘racist’ around. Often it just means something is pro-White’ or not sufficiently destructive to the lives and well-being of White people.

If you do have to use the word, why not change the pronunciation to something that reflects the kindergarten level thinking the word is indicative of?


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Hamilton BS

One of the actors in some Broadway ‘musical’ called Hamilton addressed Vice President Elect Mike Pence after the conclusion of their  performance a little while ago in New York. Mike Pence was in the audience and the cast knew this and wanted to make a statement.

All these anti-Whites who are so ‘scared’ and ‘shaking’ because of the election of a President that might, kind of, not fuck over White people that much, shows how they literally don’t understand the concept that White people have any rights or should be protected from mass 3rd world immigration.

The most I’ll do here is give a quote from the statement to show what an anti-White asshole this guy is:

“We are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir. But we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values, and work on behalf of all of us.”

Yeah, work on behalf of ‘all of us’ EXCEPT White people.

Protect ‘us’, EXCEPT White people.

Protect ‘our’ children, EXCEPT White children.

Protect our ‘parents’, EXCEPT White parents.

Believe me, I could go on.

I hold that the fact that this ‘actor’ made this statement PROVES that he doesn’t care about White people. A guy gets elected by saying he’s actually going to enforce the law by stopping illegal migration into the US and deporting illegal aliens. This then causes idiots like this ‘actor’ to worry that Trump won’t ‘work on behalf of all of us’. For this guy, and anti-Whites like him, ‘working on behalf of all of us’ just means more mass 3rd world immigration and forced assimilation. Which just means fewer White people. Which means WHITE GENOCIDE.

It is not more complicated that that. The whole point of the left in the modern Western world today is to GET RID of White People. The reason why leftists are so ‘scared’ is because they are terrified of the prospect of Whites SURVIVING. And because they’re pussies.

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“We must secure an existence for our people and a future for White children.”

For anyone on the left: The above statement is pretty much what your going to have to argue against in the coming years.

You have been trying to maintain the opinion in middle-of-the-road White America that to want to do the above 14 words is evil and means that you plan to gas Jews, make Black people work as slaves and make Asians expose themselves to considerable danger in order to build railways.

The basic problem you face is the plain, boring truth that to end non-White immigration and officially commit to maintaining the current White majority of Western countries, as well as raising birthrates to replacement level, is not mean. We’re not being mean to anyone. You are. You’re being mean to us.

You have failed to prevent a not insignificant number of Whites, many of them quite young, to come to realize that the 14 words are normal and in fact essential, in order to ensure that our communities are nice places to live.

The thing which allowed you to convince us that we are bad for wanting to keep White countries White (television) is almost completely dead in it’s ability to do so. It is not even true to say that the internet is as big as the printing press. It is far bigger. So you’re basically fucked.

Thus, I suggest a set of words that can be your own guiding principal going forward. Maybe they will help you to win a few elections as you experience your inevitable decline in political and cultural relevance.


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Leftists try to say that White Supremacism includes everything from gas chambers to wanting to reduce the number of 3rd worlders that we flood the country with. What the term actually means would be something like:

“Only White people have value. All other races, by virtue of being non-White have no value. Only White culture is beautiful and meaningful. All other cultures, by virtue of being non-White are backwards and evil. The entire planet should be White. There should be no non-White countries anywhere.”

The anti-White ideology is the exact inversion of this world view. Anti-Whites believe that only White people are bad. All other races have value precisely because they are NOT White. Only non-White cultures are beautiful and meaningful. White culture is not even without value, but is a maliciously constructed ‘system of oppression’.

They believe the entire world should be non-White and that there should be no White countries anywhere. Once mass 3rd world immigration into White countries is complete, any and all White communities should be made ‘diverse’. Diversity means chasing down every last White person.

There is only one way to describe the left: White genocide.

This picture shows how racist Iceland is

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Cuckservatives make me laugh when they express confusion as to why Leftists support mass 3rd world immigration from the Middle East. Leftists are supposed to care about womens rights and gay rights so why would they want to import millions of these people? They are literally the most sexist and homophobic people on the planet – EVER.

All of this confusion can be dispelled by understanding the singular goal that the left is based on. It is the issue of the 21st century and the basis for a real revolution across the Western world. The left only cares about White genocide.

All other causes (including other groups of non-whites) will be thrown under the bus if necessary, in order to further the plan to flood every White country with mass 3rd world immigration and force assimilation (i.e. intermarriage).

I find it funny that all those leftist professors I had to listen to in University were so concerned about the possibility that I might have some kind of lingering sexist or homophobic opinions. Considerable resources were put into trying to change peoples opinions on these matters and now they are flooding White countries with millions of people who have opinions on women and gays that are harsher than any you can find even in distant European history.

As I wrote in the ‘About‘ page of this blog, the left is a complete fraud.

More and more leftists will realize this and one of the truly destabilizing things I expect we will see in the near future is the growth of a disaffected wing of the left which begins to rebel against the establishment. It’s one thing for a shitlord like me to hate this system, but the real fun starts when committed left-wingers begin to abandon ship.

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In 2005 the nation of Australia experienced what has been called ‘The Cronulla Riots’. However, the events which took place in that beach community deserve a more descriptive title. For the actions of those Australian kids were not random crimes and looting, as was the case with a more recent ’demonstration’. The protest cum street-level action which occurred that day was in response to a long series of assaults, insults, and intimidation suffered by Australians, as well as sexually charged comments, of a nature that could only be interpreted as a prelude to rape, directed at Australian women.

It is said that the final thread on which the tolerance of the white people of this beach suburb hung snapped after an attack on some lifeguards. Apparently,  lifeguards are iconic of the Australian way of life, and so perhaps this event served as an ideal ‘last straw‘ for the people of Cronulla.

This event led to a protest on December 11th which quickly became a kind of uprising, where Australians began attacking people of mid-east appearance.

The mainstream media, predictably, condemned their actions as ‘racist’. But ANY response to anti-white violence and intimidation must be ‘racist’ to the media, because ‘racism’ literally means ‘pro-white’. When they call it racist they are simply saying that  white people are responding as any normal group of people would if they were attacked. Whites who defend their race must not be confused by this flaccid condemnation and must never engage in debate on the subject of what is racist or who is racist. The media hates us and is engaged in a ongoing program of demographic genocide against us. They will call any action or opinion not sufficiently servile to that agenda ‘racist’. Never respond to their politically correct, geriatric terms – just attack relentlessly :

“Why are you anti-white?”

“Why do you have a problem with white people?”

“Why do only white countries have to have immigration?”

“Why do you defend this genocide against our people?”

There is no point in trying to make our response to anti-white violence acceptable in the eyes of the media. They approve of this violence and rape. They created it and they justify it with their silence. They are playing for the other team whilst attempting to give the impression that they are impartial – that is their job. They are paid to psychologically manage, suppress and control white people in order to facilitate our genocide.

The mainstream media is the enemy and what they think and what they report does not matter. It is only what WE think that matters. The internet is here to stay and the old controlled media is going extinct. We will no longer let them define events like this. What happened in Cronulla was neither pretty nor peaceful, but it was not simply a ‘riot’. It was an uprising.


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