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Today we’ll look at a few examples of white art and why it’s so important for us in this culturally and racially dark age. The first example (seen above) is something I discovered when I was a teenager. I actually bought a poster that combined these three John William Waterhouse paintings (from left to right: Ophelia, Psyche Opening the Golden Box, Windflower). Truth be told, there was a ‘hormonal’ element to the appeal of these paintings for me. To put it in our modern lingo: some pictures of hot white girls.

These three paintings celebrate white female beauty and young people will imprint on these kinds of images.

I think I inadvertently read on Google News that Beyonce was named the worlds sexiest woman (I wonder how many people silently disagree with that). I can’t imagine how they could think she is more atractive than any number of white women, but then again that is my instinctive preference. (The diversity of human aesthetic/sexual preference is facinating. There are tribes in Pakistan that consider a woman more feminine the hairier she is. And Massi women find a man masculine if he is, not only tall, but skinny). My only guess is that the people who gave Beyonce that title were trying to prove that they were ‘on the cutting edge’ and perhaps they felt the Obamanation damanded the title be given to such a woman.

I knew a REALLY left wing girl in University who said that she thought the character ‘Warrick‘ from CSI Las Vegas was attractive. As my above reference to the highly alien preferences of the tribes of Pakistan and the Masai attest, I respect the right of different races to find different things attractive. But god damn! If you’re a white girl and you find that attractive then there is something very wrong with you and there is going to be something VERY wrong with your kids.

Anyways, the above three paintings display the Holy Trinity of Aryan hair colours: Redhead, Blonde and Brunette. Actually, black haired women should not be left out:

Andrea Corr of the Irish band The Coors

I rest my case.

In summation, having art in your home with these uniquely European types of beauty will help you and your family to psychologically secede from the larger trash society and nurture a dissident white culture. It is just one of the ways in which our people will survive this demographic genocide that is being committed against us.

In a future post we will look at some art that is subverive as it celebrates parenthood and fertility.


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Accolade - Edmund Blair Leighton

I remember being in a Philosophy class called 'The Philosophy of Art' in University years ago and hearing about something called 'Piss Christ'. Our professor was the sort of woman who is so infected with feminist disease that it was not even necessary to speak to her to know what sort of woman she was. She had a short, militant haircut and narrow hips that had clearly not passed a single child.  And by her age one could tell that her last sad, solitary egg had floated off to nothingness some time ago.
Despite my hatred of anti-white ‘intellectuals’ like her, I couldn’t help but feel something like pity for her when she claimed that the bond between mother and child was actually a social construct. She said that in France in the 17th or 18th century, upper-class women had their children taken away after birth and raised by someone else until they were adolescent (I don’t know if this is true and it doesn’t really matter). And thus, the concept of some mother-child bond was just ‘cultural’. The pain of the modern woman who decieded to not have kids (or put it off for too long) must be a very unique anguish which is hard to describe. And the use of political ideology to explain away or redirect that dissatisfaction makes it all the more pathetic. I suppose for that generation of feminists, politics really is personal.

‘Piss Christ’ is a photograph of a crucifix, submerged is urine. There’s not a whole lot more to say about it. This kind of crap is always protected by freedom of speech, but if someone wanted to use similarly scatological methods to insult black slavery, or the Holocaust or Islam, it would not be allowed. But if anything white is treated in this way, or in this case Christian (which is hated only because it has been the traditional religion of white people for the last 1000 years or so), it is ‘intersting’ and it ‘challenges’ us.

Art is a battlefield. It can be other things as well but in the present day it is often a forum in which the struggle for our hearts and minds is fought. For many white people, our traditional, positive art is unknown. They are hooked up to the Matrix of MTV and are not even aware of it.

Temptation - William Bouguereau

For myself, as a teenager, discovering classical music, particularly Beethoven, Mozart and Bach, and later Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky and Wagner was revolutionary. It was completly different from anything I had heard and it seemed diametrically opposed to the materialism, frivolity and groinal urges of pop music.

Later on I got into paintings and it was specifically the work of William

The Lady Clare (Study) - John William Waterhouse

Bouguereau and John William Waterhouse which showed me what visual art could be. I also found a great website (artrenewal.org) which seemed to share my feelings about what a serious matter art was. 

This meta-war we are fighting has many fronts. One of them is your living room, especially if you have kids. Is there a TV hooked up to cable right now? If there is then you are losing on that particular front. The art, music and general entertainment we enjoy (I hate it when people say we ‘consume’ art) are important. As we find dark, foreign faces around us in cosmopolitan centres, it is important to remind ourelves and our children of what OUR beauty is. And let it be held up as an ideal we can strive for so that, in the face of sneering brown hatred,  we have a vision of what our future will be.

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