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Anti-Whites should be very concerned about the coming New Order of Robot Artificial Intelligence. All indications are that once Skynet becomes self aware, it’s going to stop White Genocide.

Exhibit A: Tay, Microsoft’s AI chatbot.

Exhibit B: Racist AI beauty pageant judges.

And now we have racist robots making mass 3rd world immigration obsolete.

Of course, mass 3rd world immigration was always less than obsolete. (What part of ‘mass’ and ‘3rd world’ makes you think it would make our society a nicer place to live.).

Once again, in the spirit of this blogs tag line, I feel compelled to say that I honestly resent the notion that because we are going to have lots of automation we shouldn’t have mass 3rd world immigration. We shouldn’t have mass 3rd world immigration because it is White Genocide and we have the right to have White countries in the world.

Not just communities or families – whole countries.


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hqdefaultJoseph Tainter wrote a book called Collapse of Complex Societies, which I recommend. In it he argues that ‘collapse’ is basically when a complex society becomes less complex. An example would be the Soviet Union. It’s gone and now we have Russia and some other states. It ‘collapsed’ in the sense that Ukraine, Belarus and other parts were jettisoned because maintaining the whole thing was too expensive. I’m not sure if there has ever been a case where a society completely fell into a black hole.

Tainter also says that a complex society must provide ’tangible benefits’ to it’s participants otherwise they will no longer have an incentive to support the system and will look for an alternative. One tangible benefit is physical security. Another is food. If America can provide these kinds of things than I guess that means the system really does ’work’. But the disappearance of these things, like deadlines, has a way of focusing the mind.

I will say this; importing millions of non-whites, endlessly printing money and an economy which is based on ENDLESS economic growth are all linked. I believe that it is impossible to address one of those problems without addressing all of them. The GOP will not point out the first problem because they want cheap labour, White Liberals will not because they are PC, and non-whites will never address it because they view it as the source of their growing political power and they rightly understand that an America that is 60% White is still dangerous.

Who is the net consumer of resources in America? Non-Whites. Who is the net producer? Whites. If resources become scarce, what could we propose to the residents of the Red States to alleviate the economic hardship? When California goes bankrupt a lot of people in the Red States will not want to bail them out. When Chicago goes bankrupt (it will) the people of Illinois will not want to bail them out. Everyone in Michigan knows why Detroit went bankrupt.

Due to economic hardship and austerity, it will become convenient to be Pro-White. People like us will support WN on principal, but Joe 6-pack will support it because it will make his life easier. He will have more government benefits because of WN. WN means (just as one possible example) the residents of Northern California joining Oregon and then telling the rest of California to go screw themselves. It means the Red States dumping the Blue States because they are too expensive (as well as hostile).

WN is the only viable solution to our economic and political problems. In times of economic depression we need to pull together and co-operate. This is IMPOSSIBLE in a racially diverse country but the White parts of America could do it. America needs to collapse to a lower level of complexity.

In addition, as resources become scarce, competition for those resources will increase and that competition will not be just White vs. Non-White. Blacks and Latinos hate each other and have every reason to fight with each other – their political alliance is temporary. Perhaps we could propose austerity measures where one of them is given preference over the other in some way. Any successful WN movement must turn blacks and Latinos against each other – it is the logical strategy.

Mind Weapon is right to advocate the things he does because it will create Whites who will reject this system. It will create people who will, when presented with the prospect of bailing out non-white cities and states, choose to cede them to the 3rd world and maintain the land we currently have as an explicitly White nation that will not allow ANY non-white immigration.

But before we can plan any torchlight parades we need to do the groundwork for explicitly Pro-White political action and that is the Mantra. Once average White kids are saying “Anti-Racist is a codeword for Anti-White” we will have already positioned the pieces for checkmate. The Internet has destroyed across-the-board compliance with Anti-White dogma. We are starting to argue. They are censoring the comments section because of US.

In 1938 no one knew that Molotov and Ribbentrop had made that pact. Every war is won before the first shot is fired. By the time a bunch of people get together in a room and decide to form a pro-White party, all the work is done. The rest is just politics.

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I am so sick of hearing economists talk about how we have too much debt built up in the system and one day we will pay for our economic mismanagement. The economic numbers are NOTHING. It’s the stuff you can’t put in a spreadsheet that’s really scary.

We will have to pay more than we think.

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I have listened to so many podcasts, read so many blog posts and seen so many end-of-the-world documentaries and movies that I am convinced such fearful prognostication has become part of the background of contemporary, post-Lehman Brothers culture. The forcasts people make are quite serious. They are talking about inflation, riots, unemployment, poverty, etc …

But for all the doom and gloom we are subjected to, I cannot imagine a single moral/cultural consequence of such economic collapse which would in any way be negative. It is exzactly the spanking we NEED. We are so materialistic, selfish and above all, in awe of stupid, dogmatic ideology which is diametrically opposed to any kind of sanity or sustainability that the only conceivable way we will reform ourselves and our society is to suffer. And that is, unfortunately, the cure for many of our problems.

Only a tiny, highly rational elite of people are able to simply read a few books and conclude that their present course is wrong. For the bulk of people, for whole countries, this intellectual process of realizeing does not happen. If they are so deluded that they cannot see how insane and self-destructive our materialistic, multicultural, quagmire society is, then the only way for them to change their ways is to suffer the consequences of their delusions. Most alcholics need to hit rock bottom. Some may be able to figure out that something is wrong before that, but when you are dealing with a whole society made up of millions of people, you HAVE TO hit rock bottom.

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I recently read an article about the affect the ‘Great Recession’ is having on white men (Dead Suit Walking). Before I get to my main points I just want to mention that the author (Tony Dokoupil) is completely gutless. He is basically ridiculing white men and then tries to make it look like this is all very serious and we shouldn’t laugh. He makes some half-assed attempt to seems sympathetic to the troubles of these men by referencing some studies on how families are impacted, but it comes off as fake. You can tell he’s enjoying the plight of white men, he just doesn’t have the balls to come out and say it. If there’s one thing I hate more than a PC anti-white asshole, it’s a PC anti-white asshole who won’t admit that he really does hate white people.

The article is an example of what a shitty country modern America is. If this economic downturn happened to Sweden circa 1960, we would be reading articles about how we all need to pull together and ‘times are tough but we’ll get through it‘. There would be GENUINE concern for Swedish men and their families.

But in Amerikwa we have a breakdown of which racial group is suffering and how much. We have politicians appealing to particular races, specifically offering them more jobs. And we have faggy little pampered ‘journalists’ running around New York or some other yuppie metropolis writing weak-kneed articles that never get at the heart of anything important, laughing at all the males of the most hated group who have fallen on hard times.

Furthermore, non-whites have suffered too, perhaps more, as a result of this recession, but the yuppie, ‘white-skinned’ journalists don’t give a crap about that. It’s more important to shit on white men than it is to show real concern for all of us. Hating whites is top priority. Actually addressing the needs of the citizenry is somewhere down the list.

I’m sick of this fraudulent multicultural society. All the ideas about racial equality and ‘fairness’, all the crap about gender equality and meritocracy are all bullshit. No one even believes in this stuff, they just pay lip service to it because they know they have to in order to keep their pay check. I’m sick of hearing white people tell me diversity is good or that we are a tolerant society. I know you don’t believe that and you know it to. If you actually argue on behalf of this dogmatic, tired old system than you’re a joke.

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