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The discussion that occurs in this video shows what is wrong with how we talk about the migrant situation in Europe. If you go ahead to about 1:40 you hear the commenter saying that Uganda’s population is exploding and that will put further demographic pressure on Europe.

No one says that this population increase is going to mean migrants go to Israel, Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea, China or any other non-White country. The reason is not economics. The reason why they will go to Europe is because the traitor-elite of the West is allowing them to come in. It is because the policy of our own leadership is to use mass 3rd world immigration to genetically exterminate us. Our own leadership is criminal and guilty of genocide against people of European decent.

The arrival of masses of non-Whites to Europe is not some natural event like rain falling. It is because of the traitor-elite of the West inviting them in, allowing them to stay, and giving them money and housing that we paid for.

I know it may seem strange to say, but the issue with regards to the migrant crisis is not the migrants. It is and always was, the policy of White genocide that our own leaders have been carrying out against us.

If pro-Whites would stop talking about crime rates and start saying that, our problems would be over very quickly.


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Imagine if people voted for the immigration policy that would change the demographics of America to those of the neighborhood they actually live in?

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Anti-Whites should be very concerned about the coming New Order of Robot Artificial Intelligence. All indications are that once Skynet becomes self aware, it’s going to stop White Genocide.

Exhibit A: Tay, Microsoft’s AI chatbot.

Exhibit B: Racist AI beauty pageant judges.

And now we have racist robots making mass 3rd world immigration obsolete.

Of course, mass 3rd world immigration was always less than obsolete. (What part of ‘mass’ and ‘3rd world’ makes you think it would make our society a nicer place to live.).

Once again, in the spirit of this blogs tag line, I feel compelled to say that I honestly resent the notion that because we are going to have lots of automation we shouldn’t have mass 3rd world immigration. We shouldn’t have mass 3rd world immigration because it is White Genocide and we have the right to have White countries in the world.

Not just communities or families – whole countries.

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In politics, the only thing more valuable than your allies is your enemies. Your allies are often useless. Sometimes they are a liability. But your enemies can be worth their weight in gold.

Anti-Whites say there will be no White countries in the future. This is because millions of people from extremely poor countries, who are not very attractive, are going to be moved into every White neighborhood and White people are going to intermarry with them. White people need to understand that their great-grandchildren will look like this …

Not this …


White people are evil and they need to feel guilty and apologize. And than continue feeling guilty. And then marry Leslie Jones.

You can’t BUY political opposition like that.

If I had a budget at my disposal, which I could use to pay money to non-whites, in exchange for them saying things that would create a backlash against mass 3rd world immigration, I would have them say things like this:

Often people don’t vote FOR you. They vote AGAINST your opponent. If enough 3rd worlders are moved into White countries, White people will literally vote for Nazism.

My general recommendation for pro-White political parties going forward is to leave all the pet social issues like gays, trans people and abortion alone and simply hold to the basic position that there should be no non-White immigration at all. This immigration policy would be based on the very sensible grounds that we have the right to have White countries in the world.

The issue is not whether we should ‘help’ refugees or not. The issue is whether White people have the right to exist or not. Make your opposition debate you on THAT issue. Trust me, they will lose.

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The recent talk about Spirit Cooking and possible satanic activities of Clinton and other members of our traitor elite have motivated me to stay true to the tag line of this blog.

Everybody seems to want to uncover some hidden evil which exists amongst the rich and powerful of our society. It is more interesting to find something esoteric than to point out what is right in front of everyones eyes.

If Hilary, Podesta and company really participate in ‘satanic’ rituals, it doesn’t matter. Their evil is plain as day. They want to move million and millions of 3rd world peoples into EVERY White country and ONLY White countries. And they want to force us to ‘assimilate’. They are imposing conditions calculated to bring about our physical destruction. If they get what they have openly called for, there will be no White people left. This is GENOCIDE.

I certainly want any pedophiles connected with the Franklin Coverup to be brought to justice. But there is no way that all those supposed pedophiles among the rich and powerful have abused even as many children as were raped just by the Rotherham ring of child predators. Bill Clinton could not in 10 lifetimes, rape as many women as the migrants have raped in Europe just in the last year.

Don’t get caught up in satanic panic. Stay on message. Diversity is a codeword for WHITE GENOCIDE.

Which is more evil. This?

Or this?

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Leftists try to say that White Supremacism includes everything from gas chambers to wanting to reduce the number of 3rd worlders that we flood the country with. What the term actually means would be something like:

“Only White people have value. All other races, by virtue of being non-White have no value. Only White culture is beautiful and meaningful. All other cultures, by virtue of being non-White are backwards and evil. The entire planet should be White. There should be no non-White countries anywhere.”

The anti-White ideology is the exact inversion of this world view. Anti-Whites believe that only White people are bad. All other races have value precisely because they are NOT White. Only non-White cultures are beautiful and meaningful. White culture is not even without value, but is a maliciously constructed ‘system of oppression’.

They believe the entire world should be non-White and that there should be no White countries anywhere. Once mass 3rd world immigration into White countries is complete, any and all White communities should be made ‘diverse’. Diversity means chasing down every last White person.

There is only one way to describe the left: White genocide.

This picture shows how racist Iceland is

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Cuckservatives make me laugh when they express confusion as to why Leftists support mass 3rd world immigration from the Middle East. Leftists are supposed to care about womens rights and gay rights so why would they want to import millions of these people? They are literally the most sexist and homophobic people on the planet – EVER.

All of this confusion can be dispelled by understanding the singular goal that the left is based on. It isĀ the issue of the 21st century and the basis for a real revolution across the Western world. The left only cares about White genocide.

All other causes (including other groups of non-whites) will be thrown under the bus if necessary, in order to further the plan to flood every White country with mass 3rd world immigration and force assimilation (i.e. intermarriage).

I find it funny that all those leftist professors I had to listen to in University were so concerned about the possibility that I might have some kind of lingering sexist or homophobic opinions. Considerable resources were put into trying to change peoples opinions on these matters and now they are flooding White countries with millions of people who have opinions on women and gays that are harsher than any you can find even in distant European history.

As I wrote in the ‘About‘ page of this blog, the left is a complete fraud.

More and more leftists will realize this and one of the truly destabilizing things I expect we will see in the near future is the growth of a disaffected wing of the left which begins to rebel against the establishment. It’s one thing for a shitlord like me to hate this system, but the real fun starts when committed left-wingers begin to abandon ship.

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