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I wish more Jews and Asian chicks would do the Nazi salute. Then the alt right would be bigger than Jesus.

It’s funny watching the 20th century media try to use this to stop pro-White politics from moving forward. If you step back and look at what has happened just in the last year, we have made incredible progress. It doesn’t matter if some visible minorities salute Hitler. It doesn’t matter if Trump ‘disavows’ the alt right. Trump is just a politician we will use to take over the Republican party. If the 20th century media was able to stop us, they would have done it by now. Actually they would have done it 10 or 20 years ago.

The internet is a thing now, and that’s why it doesn’t matter what some paper news outlet says.


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The 20th Century Media

I’ve heard a number of names for what has historically been called the ‘main stream’ media (MSM).

Lugenpress (which was a term used in Germany in the 20’s meaning ‘lying press’).

‘Lame stream’ media.

‘Legacy’ media.

This guy likes ‘Yellow stream’ media. A little too scatological for me.

Unless someone comes up with something that I think is better, or if no other term catches on, I’m going to call it the ’20th century’ media. People haven’t yet started thinking of the 20th century as something old and no longer cool. It’s been 16 years, so it’s still new, but I think many things will happen very soon that will make the 20th century standard seem out-of-date. 3D printing and automation to name a couple.

My point with ’20th century’ media is not that CNN and company are smaller or less influential. They are completely obsolete.

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Feminism is often spoken of in terms of ‘waves’ (I think the current manjaw variety is technically 3rd).

I think we may be seeing a ‘1st wave’ of White/American/European nationalism right now. This may be partly due to people being generally fed up with globalism, and certainly I think it is a reaction to mass 3rd world immigration. In particular, the massive numbers of migrants that Merkel brought in. But the main force which is driving this political change is that the internet is coming of age and is supplanting the old 20th century media as a place where people go to get political information or social commentary.

The brand of nationalism we are seeing from Trumps election is more of a civic nationalism. But, in my opinion, like all forms of civic nationalism, it is a little disingenuous. What it’s really about is a resurgence of White ethnic interests.

Despite what the paranoid SJW’s said, Trump ran a very inclusive campaign. He reached out to Latino and Black voters and appealed to the self interest of all Americans. I think that this election as well as the muted references to immigration as an issue in Brexit are part of a soft 1st wave of White nationalism.

I do believe that the economic fundamentals of Western society are throughly fucked, and that prosperity and social cohesion will deteriorate over the coming years. As this process continues, and the coming demographic apocalypse (not just non-white immigration but also our own low birthrates) stares us in the face, we should see more angry and less inclusive ‘waves’ of nationalism in the future.

The speed and force of these movements should only increase as the internet rises as the real driver of political and cultural rebellion.

Bacteriologists have worried about antibiotic-resistant strains of e. coli or avian flu. The new strain is here.

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Does anyone have a better term for this outdated media matrix that used to have dominance over the culture, politics and very thought of the public?

I’m old enough to remember when everyone (not just your parents) read these things called ‘newspapers’. They were actually made out of paper. You would read some article which was written by a journalism major, who never would have even gotten a job interview if they hadn’t consistently regurgitated leftist ideology, and whatever he wrote was checked by the Trotskyite editor-in-chief who ran things. And after you were finished reading it, there was no comments section in which to post hatefacts.

I remember spending a Saturday afternoon working on a student paper at my University. We were each coming up with a funny story to publish and I was working on something that was about butch lesbians. One of the other ‘journalists’ there told me, it’s fine to write about butch lesbians as long as you make it clear your lampooning stereotypes about butch lesbians. I wasn’t. I was making fun of butch lesbians. The atmosphere was so stifling and politically correct I couldn’t take it and left. That was my first and last foray into ‘mainstream’ journalism.

EVERY person in the media (which we traditionally call ‘mainstream’), is a person who had no problem with that uncreative, humourless, authoritarian atmosphere.

In my last post I claimed that the pollsters were not mistaken, they outright lied. While that is true, there were also a great many pundits on TV who just plain believed their own bullshit.

I encourage all 3.5 of you who are reading this to consider starting your own blog, YouTube channel, podcast or whatever (assuming you haven’t already). The internet, in human years, is not even a teenager – it’s a boy who has big dreams. People who write blogs or do YouTube videos will increasingly have a significant influence on politics and culture.

I sometimes wonder if leftists realize how utterly fucked they are. THE REASON why the attitudes of White Americans on race, sexuality, immigration, etc, changed is because of the MSM. The colleges had their influence as well but it is TV in particular which completely altered the culture of the US.

It used to be basically unthinkable that any respectable White woman would date a black. Heck, intermarriage was illegal not long ago. The sexual promiscuity we take for granted today was almost exclusively to be found among a small perverted fringe. White people didn’t even consider the notion that America should be anything other than White, just as today, many Whites don’t even consider the idea that it should not be flooded with millions of 3rd worlders.

100 years from now, historians will say that the internet got big around 2000, and that was the end of White genocide. They won’t talk about how things were still up in the air for a while after that. They will only record the results of what we do now.

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Whites cannot be defeated physically. Whites must be defeated psychologically

Why fight an enemy when you can convince him he has no chance of victory? Why only convince him he has no chance of victory when you can convince him he doesn’t even have the right to exist. Why simply demotivate him when you can convince him to actively fight against his people. This is the purpose of psychological warfare. Sun Tzu says that the acme of skill is to defeat an enemy without using force.

Anti-White propaganda achieves all of these things. Anti-White propaganda puts Whites on the defensive. It is not who wins the argument, it is what the argument is about. If we debate the historical accuracy of the film 12 Years a Slave we lose. If we debate why only White countries are supposed to feel guilty for slavery/colonialism (not Turkey, Japan, et al.) we win. If we debate how nasty slavery in America was we lose. If we debate why only White countries are supposed to accept immigration but not Japan or South Korea we win.

12 Years a Slave makes us feel guilty and thus prevents us from morally justifying taking any political action that would defend ourselves. The Holocaust makes us feel like any action we take to defend ourselves is ‘Nazism’ and will lead to another Holocaust.

The issue is not the legacy of slavery. The issue is not the Holocaust. The issue is White Genocide. These movies, college classes and news stories are produced to wage psychological warfare against us. Their purpose is to determine what the issue is. But the issue is White Genocide.

If Whites take to the streets in protest we win. But psychology is the antecedent to action. We must wage psychological warfare first. If we can get White kids to go on the offensive and repeat “Anti-Racist is a Codeword for Anti-White” and “White Genocide” then the foundation has been laid. Political action will follow. If we keep discussing slavery movies, if we keep defending ourselves from their accusations, we will never fight back.

“We are all human!” does not justify White GENOCIDE

“We all bleed red!” does not justify White GENOCIDE

“Because of history ” does not justify White GENOCIDE

“For the economy” does not justify White GENOCIDE

“A shortage of doctors” does not justify White GENOCIDE

“Race is a social construct!” does not justify White GENOCIDE

“We are all from Africa!” does not justify White GENOCIDE

Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

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One of the things I noticed when I was traveling through Eastern Europe was that the people there have a tendency to use collective possessive pronouns and collective possessive adjectives when talking about themselves.

WE don’t like something.

Something is important to US.

This is OURS.

Growing up in the latter part of the 20th century in the West, you don’t even realize that you’re using the language of anti-whites when you speak of ‘white people’ or ‘the white race’. We have been taught to always refer to US as something abstract and separate from ourselves.

When people refer to military action undertaken by the United States in the Middle East they speak of ‘the War in Iraq’ or ‘the War in Afghanistan’. The people who planned these military operations were careful to say ‘we will invade Afghanistan’ or have a war ‘in Iraq’. The American people did not like the idea of an open-ended, protracted war that could involve any number of countries.

It is dishonest to refer to these military actions as anything other than ‘the War in the Middle East’. It is a war that could go on for many years and could (as the events in Syria show) involve any country in the region. The language the media uses to refer to these ‘wars’ has been carefully crafted to present the whole mess as a small collection of limited and well-contained operations.

Language in politics is real power. It goes completely unnoticed, and yet it sets the tone for everything. The big, important, celebrity-politicians don’t even know how little influence they really have.

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The evidence here is significant. It really does look like Hillary had a signal worked out for Holt.

The feeling I got watching this was like a very tiny piece of what I felt when I saw videos of the twin towers coming down, with the debris being spewed out of specific windows at high speed – seemingly from an extremely powerful explosion happening inside the structure. I thought I was pretty cynical already. I literally assume that people in the MSM openly talk about how to get Hillary elected among themselves at work, but I wouldn’t have thought they would go to this extreme. If for no other reason than because it is something that can be noticed and EXPOSED in the Internet age. Oh well, I guess we should be glad they are so stupid and complacent.

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