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The above statement was made by French Prime minister Manuel Valls recently. It’s funny, Ive been thinking the same thing. If we continue to move in millions and millions of 3rd worlders, Europe could die. If we continue to promote decadence and sexual promiscuity, we will never raise our birthrate to replacement level, and Europe could die. If we don’t destroy the EU and allow each nation to be independent, Europe could die. If assholes like Manuel Valls are not voted out of office and replaced by people who give a shit about White people, Europe could die.

Whenever you hear these members of the traitor-elite talking about how we must have mass 3rd world immigration or ‘Europe’ will not survive, they just mean the giant bureaucracy they make their livings off of. The actual PEOPLE of Europe will be just fine. If the people of Europe reject the Empire of White Genocide that is the EU, criminals like Peter Sutherland will be out of a job. That is pretty much the stakes for people like him, for now at least.

The stakes for the people of Europe are whether or not they will survive.

It has been a fun presidential campaign and the shitlib tears have tasted exquisite, but the coming year could throw more fuel on the end-to-white-genocide fire.

Praise Kek.


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Feminism is often spoken of in terms of ‘waves’ (I think the current manjaw variety is technically 3rd).

I think we may be seeing a ‘1st wave’ of White/American/European nationalism right now. This may be partly due to people being generally fed up with globalism, and certainly I think it is a reaction to mass 3rd world immigration. In particular, the massive numbers of migrants that Merkel brought in. But the main force which is driving this political change is that the internet is coming of age and is supplanting the old 20th century media as a place where people go to get political information or social commentary.

The brand of nationalism we are seeing from Trumps election is more of a civic nationalism. But, in my opinion, like all forms of civic nationalism, it is a little disingenuous. What it’s really about is a resurgence of White ethnic interests.

Despite what the paranoid SJW’s said, Trump ran a very inclusive campaign. He reached out to Latino and Black voters and appealed to the self interest of all Americans. I think that this election as well as the muted references to immigration as an issue in Brexit are part of a soft 1st wave of White nationalism.

I do believe that the economic fundamentals of Western society are throughly fucked, and that prosperity and social cohesion will deteriorate over the coming years. As this process continues, and the coming demographic apocalypse (not just non-white immigration but also our own low birthrates) stares us in the face, we should see more angry and less inclusive ‘waves’ of nationalism in the future.

The speed and force of these movements should only increase as the internet rises as the real driver of political and cultural rebellion.

Bacteriologists have worried about antibiotic-resistant strains of e. coli or avian flu. The new strain is here.

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