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Twitter has begun a kind of purge against alt-right accounts on the popular social media hub. Some normies seem to think it is counter productive to silence dissenting views because we should challenge ‘racist’ and ‘intolerant’ attitudes.

That’s a nice thought but it’s based on the idea that what these people are saying is obviously repugnant to average White people. The truth is that most of it is not. And these alt-right people are pointing out some of the anti-White, hateful and generally crazy stuff that leftists say. It is incredibly easy to find quotes from man-hating feminists (which is to say all feminists), ‘anti-racist’ activists and professors that reek of the worst kind of contempt and malice for White people and specifically White men.

People talk as if this is a bad move by Twitter and they may lose investors money or be abandoned by users.

Hollywood could have made millions and millions of dollars from Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, but they walked way from it. They knew they were walking away from massive profits and they didn’t care. I guarantee you, they didn’t even argue about it.

That’s how these people think. They don’t care about Twitter. They will run it into the ground if they have to. Nothing is worth allowing the revolution that they fear to be unleashed. And by the way, if that revolution does come, they know what it means for their potential future profits. It may not seem like it, but they are making the only sound business decision they can.


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Cuckservatives make me laugh when they express confusion as to why Leftists support mass 3rd world immigration from the Middle East. Leftists are supposed to care about womens rights and gay rights so why would they want to import millions of these people? They are literally the most sexist and homophobic people on the planet – EVER.

All of this confusion can be dispelled by understanding the singular goal that the left is based on. It isĀ the issue of the 21st century and the basis for a real revolution across the Western world. The left only cares about White genocide.

All other causes (including other groups of non-whites) will be thrown under the bus if necessary, in order to further the plan to flood every White country with mass 3rd world immigration and force assimilation (i.e. intermarriage).

I find it funny that all those leftist professors I had to listen to in University were so concerned about the possibility that I might have some kind of lingering sexist or homophobic opinions. Considerable resources were put into trying to change peoples opinions on these matters and now they are flooding White countries with millions of people who have opinions on women and gays that are harsher than any you can find even in distant European history.

As I wrote in the ‘About‘ page of this blog, the left is a complete fraud.

More and more leftists will realize this and one of the truly destabilizing things I expect we will see in the near future is the growth of a disaffected wing of the left which begins to rebel against the establishment. It’s one thing for a shitlord like me to hate this system, but the real fun starts when committed left-wingers begin to abandon ship.

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Dissidents in the Soviet Union died of starvation in the gulag. Pro-White dissidents today will die of laughter.


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