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The connections made between bad things and Christianity are as erroneous as the connections made between good things and Christianity.

Christians often argue that Johann Sebastian Bach was able to compose such brilliant music because he was inspired by God. Which is an argument so stupid that it is embarrassing. To put it bluntly, Bach wrote that music because of the brain held within his skull and its ability to function on a high level.

On the flip side, people claim that Christianity was to blame for the Spanish Inquisition. In that case, the Spanish people had been oppressed by foreigners for a very long time and eventually they managed to overthrow their occupiers. And when you do that, you ‘go to town‘, taking revenge and destroying all perceived enemies and collaborators. If the people in Spain had been atheists they would have been just as brutal.

In addition, you do not need religion in order to persecute people for having a different opinion. You just need a different opinion and the belief that yours is the capital “T” truth. You can just as easily justify burning people at the stake for being Communists, not being Communists, being pro-White, being anti-White, and so on.

Genocide, by definition involves killing people because of their ethnic background. Citing ones religious beliefs is a pretty flimsy basis for killing them. Inspiring the fear and hatred necessary to get people to support genocide requires having a target group that actually functions in society, controls resources and acts as a political unit. Simply having an opinion about an impossibly abstract concept is not sufficient.

This is probably part of the reason why I’m not very interested in discussing religion and atheism. The debate seems meaningless to me because even if the atheists won the debate and everyone saw things their way we would still annoy and slaughter one another, just for different reasons.


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