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As Bob Whitaker once said, every tyrant in history has been wholeheartedly in support of free speech. But they also knew that free speech should not be ‘abused‘ by ‘radicals‘.

Some legal bureaucrat that is called ‘Amos N. Guiora’ wrote an article advocating the silencing of
(white) political dissidents (Op-ed: In this age of internet hate, it’s time to revisit limits on freedom of speech). Translation: “We don’t have a plan for dealing with the internet so we need to censor it”. 

The purpose of ‘hate speech’ laws is to make it so that legal bureaucrats get to decide who should be prosecuted and who should not. Thus, when Noel Ignatiev says “… so long as the White race exists, all movements against racism are doomed to fail.”, he will not be prosecuted, but someone saying something in defence of White people could be.

Hate speech laws mean nothing. I remember hearing the aforementioned Bob Whitaker on a podcast (I can’t find it to link to) where he said that Wiemar Germany had hate speech laws! He said that before Hitler was elected, he didn’t give speeches saying “Jews this and Jews that”. He would say “Cohen this and Rosenstein that”, and “it’s people like Cohen and Rosenstein who are running Germany into the ground”. The video below is a great example. Starting at 1:30 he pretty much says it, but he doesn’t actually say it:

Everybody knew who he was talking about but he didn’t actually say it (somebody else did, though!). If you know how to play the game, you can get around any hate speech law.

I was reading a book about student protest against Communism in Poland in the 80’s. They would do things like have a soccer match between team ‘Prosperity’ and team ‘Poverty’. Nothing that they were doing was actually illegal but everyone knew what it was making fun of. That kind of dissident speech got right past the censors. The Communist party and all their thugs were POWERLESS against it.

Bob’s approach is, as he says, “stealth“. As I mentioned in a previous post, his stuff works. The White Genocide meme is both moderate and extreme. It doesn’t involve insulting anyone but the implications of this meme catching on are devastating to our traitor-elite. And none of them will realize how dangerous it is until it’s too late.


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