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In the 70’s and 80’s, most conservatives said that Communism was not efficient. They said it didn’t work as well as capitalism. The few people in the West who actually helped to bring communism down were saying that when you go to a communist country, you see fences with barbed wire on them and signs with the skull and cross bones (the international symbol for land mines). And there are towers with soldiers in them and the soldiers have guns. And if you try to get out of the country – they shoot you.

Professors in the West said the Warsaw Pact nations were ‘workers paradises’. But they were so wonderful that they had to build walls to keep the workers from escaping.

Today, cuckservatives and even many people on the right who do not deserve that label talk about how mass 3rd world immigration into  the West is bad because the immigrants aren’t ‘assimilating’, or because they commit lots of crimes, or use a lot of welfare or whatever. They, like the conservatives of the past, are missing the point entirely.

So what if the 3rd world immigrants aren’t obeying the law? What if they were? What if they were skilled, employed and non-violent? The importation of MASS 3RD WORLD immigration would still result in the genocide of White people. It would still mean that White countries would no longer be White in a few generations. It would still be GENOCIDE.

The fact that communism didn’t ‘work’ is not the point’. The point was that it was stupid and evil. Communism wasn’t just ‘inefficient’. People would wait in line for days outside of a bakery because there was going to be some flour delivered that week and there would eventually be bread. And across the street, some communist bureaucrat was planning the next 5-year plan. Communism wasn’t inefficient, it was STUPID.

A common joke at the time was “Last year Saudi Arabia went communist. This year there is a shortage of sand.”

People on the right endlessly beat around the bush on mass 3rd world immigration. Crime, welfare usage, cultural incompatibility, economics, unemployment. Even Race and IQ. As if arguing that 3rd  worlders have a lower average IQ is a reason they should not be allowed into the West. They should not be allowed in because WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO HAVE WHITE COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD.

The mantra and everything they do at BUGS cuts through so much bullshit. It is neither alt-right nor alt-lite. It does not sound extreme and yet it is.

It is hard for many people to grasp, but real political power belongs to people who get a good idea and then repeat it over and over again. People who just … won’t … shut … up.

And it’s a good idea to point out what is obviously evil. The openly celebrated immigration policy of White countries will result in the genetic extermination of White people.

It does not threaten our identity or our culture. It threatens US.

It is not ‘displacement’ or ‘swamping’ or ‘disenfranchisement’. It is WHITE GENOCIDE.

You just have to keep pointing it out.


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Many of the most red-pilled Whites are to be found in the most ‘vibrant’ areas. They experience Black and Brown hatred firsthand and generally know what ‘diversity’ means.

Some of the most pathetic, shitlib White people are to be found in the most lily-White areas. They never have to experience anti-White hate crimes and daily hostility.

It is ironic that if you don’t want to live around people that hate you, you must move to a neighborhood full of people who hate themselves.

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An innocent Somali refugee starts stabbing people and his young life was cut short by a senseless act of gun violence.

It’s the current year, America.

There are so many things wrong with this picture. Racismness. Marginalizationess. Privilegeness. Intersectional whatever … ness.

This was the legacy of some sort of -ism.

Ban White people. Ban guns. Ban America. I’m wearing my safety pin today to show that I care. Fuck Whiteness.


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Most things aren’t very complicated to me.

I’ve heard some pundits saying that pollsters made some kind of statistical mistakes or accidentally oversampled certain groups. These kinds of explanations for how ‘wrong’ they were are based on the idea that journalists actually try to report on things and be honest.

I believe the polls were deliberately doctored in order to make it look like the sea hag was a shoo-in so that people would be more likely to vote for her.

I believe that the MSM are a bunch of assholes who lie.

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14 Words

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I have listened to so many podcasts, read so many blog posts and seen so many end-of-the-world documentaries and movies that I am convinced such fearful prognostication has become part of the background of contemporary, post-Lehman Brothers culture. The forcasts people make are quite serious. They are talking about inflation, riots, unemployment, poverty, etc …

But for all the doom and gloom we are subjected to, I cannot imagine a single moral/cultural consequence of such economic collapse which would in any way be negative. It is exzactly the spanking we NEED. We are so materialistic, selfish and above all, in awe of stupid, dogmatic ideology which is diametrically opposed to any kind of sanity or sustainability that the only conceivable way we will reform ourselves and our society is to suffer. And that is, unfortunately, the cure for many of our problems.

Only a tiny, highly rational elite of people are able to simply read a few books and conclude that their present course is wrong. For the bulk of people, for whole countries, this intellectual process of realizeing does not happen. If they are so deluded that they cannot see how insane and self-destructive our materialistic, multicultural, quagmire society is, then the only way for them to change their ways is to suffer the consequences of their delusions. Most alcholics need to hit rock bottom. Some may be able to figure out that something is wrong before that, but when you are dealing with a whole society made up of millions of people, you HAVE TO hit rock bottom.

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