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Imagine if people voted for the immigration policy that would change the demographics of America to those of the neighborhood they actually live in?


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Read the cover of this edition of National Review. Nothing will change until Republicans stop asking how REPUBLICANS survive and start asking how WHITES will survive.

The fact that they even phrased the question that way should be taken as proof that they are planning on allowing White Genocide, and are now thinking about how to profit politically from it.

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If you read Edmund Burke’s Reflections on the Revolution in France, you get the sense that he basically wanted the same kind of society that British Liberals wanted, but he disagreed on how to go about creating it.

Some people are old enough to remember a time when conservatives and liberals basically wanted the same sort of society but one was more ‘leftish’, with higher taxes and bigger government and the other wanted limited government and lower taxes. They were different approaches to running a political state but both agreed on what the country would actually LOOK like.

But now we have a left that wants to flood the West with mass 3rd world immigration and force the conditions that would inevitably lead to intermarriage. In other words, the left is committing genocide against white people.

Up until recently, the right in America played the loyal opposition, agreeing with the left that White people had to go, but claiming they were for ‘muh principals’ or ‘muh proposition nation’. This is why we call them ‘cuckservatives‘, because they pretended to represent the interests of White people in some abstract, muted way, but actually were complicit in organizing our genocide through mass non-white immigration and forced assimilation. They would talk about embracing the Latino vote because they were planning on a future without White people.

What is happening in politics now is that the right is being taken over by the ‘alt-right’. (Soon there will be no ‘alt-right’, it will just be the ‘new right’ and then it will just be ‘the right’). People on the alt-right want to live in a White country. A lot of mainstream conservative voters silently agree with them. We will see very soon, a political situation where the right and the left fundamentally disagree on what America should LOOK like.

The concept of having a left and a right is based on the idea that there is a CENTRE. THERE IS NO CENTRE. There is only us and them. Pro-White and Anti-White.

Issues related to homosexuality, abortion, et cetera are irrelevant. A reasoned debate on those issues can only occur between people who view each other as brothers and sisters of a common nation. We can deal with those issues later. Right now, only fighting WHITE GENOCIDE matters.

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