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An innocent Somali refugee starts stabbing people and his young life was cut short by a senseless act of gun violence.

It’s the current year, America.

There are so many things wrong with this picture. Racismness. Marginalizationess. Privilegeness. Intersectional whatever … ness.

This was the legacy of some sort of -ism.

Ban White people. Ban guns. Ban America. I’m wearing my safety pin today to show that I care. Fuck Whiteness.



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In politics, the only thing more valuable than your allies is your enemies. Your allies are often useless. Sometimes they are a liability. But your enemies can be worth their weight in gold.

Anti-Whites say there will be no White countries in the future. This is because millions of people from extremely poor countries, who are not very attractive, are going to be moved into every White neighborhood and White people are going to intermarry with them. White people need to understand that their great-grandchildren will look like this …

Not this …


White people are evil and they need to feel guilty and apologize. And than continue feeling guilty. And then marry Leslie Jones.

You can’t BUY political opposition like that.

If I had a budget at my disposal, which I could use to pay money to non-whites, in exchange for them saying things that would create a backlash against mass 3rd world immigration, I would have them say things like this:

Often people don’t vote FOR you. They vote AGAINST your opponent. If enough 3rd worlders are moved into White countries, White people will literally vote for Nazism.

My general recommendation for pro-White political parties going forward is to leave all the pet social issues like gays, trans people and abortion alone and simply hold to the basic position that there should be no non-White immigration at all. This immigration policy would be based on the very sensible grounds that we have the right to have White countries in the world.

The issue is not whether we should ‘help’ refugees or not. The issue is whether White people have the right to exist or not. Make your opposition debate you on THAT issue. Trust me, they will lose.

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