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The discussion that occurs in this video shows what is wrong with how we talk about the migrant situation in Europe. If you go ahead to about 1:40 you hear the commenter saying that Uganda’s population is exploding and that will put further demographic pressure on Europe.

No one says that this population increase is going to mean migrants go to Israel, Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea, China or any other non-White country. The reason is not economics. The reason why they will go to Europe is because the traitor-elite of the West is allowing them to come in. It is because the policy of our own leadership is to use mass 3rd world immigration to genetically exterminate us. Our own leadership is criminal and guilty of genocide against people of European decent.

The arrival of masses of non-Whites to Europe is not some natural event like rain falling. It is because of the traitor-elite of the West inviting them in, allowing them to stay, and giving them money and housing that we paid for.

I know it may seem strange to say, but the issue with regards to the migrant crisis is not the migrants. It is and always was, the policy of White genocide that our own leaders have been carrying out against us.

If pro-Whites would stop talking about crime rates and start saying that, our problems would be over very quickly.


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The above statement was made by French Prime minister Manuel Valls recently. It’s funny, Ive been thinking the same thing. If we continue to move in millions and millions of 3rd worlders, Europe could die. If we continue to promote decadence and sexual promiscuity, we will never raise our birthrate to replacement level, and Europe could die. If we don’t destroy the EU and allow each nation to be independent, Europe could die. If assholes like Manuel Valls are not voted out of office and replaced by people who give a shit about White people, Europe could die.

Whenever you hear these members of the traitor-elite talking about how we must have mass 3rd world immigration or ‘Europe’ will not survive, they just mean the giant bureaucracy they make their livings off of. The actual PEOPLE of Europe will be just fine. If the people of Europe reject the Empire of White Genocide that is the EU, criminals like Peter Sutherland will be out of a job. That is pretty much the stakes for people like him, for now at least.

The stakes for the people of Europe are whether or not they will survive.

It has been a fun presidential campaign and the shitlib tears have tasted exquisite, but the coming year could throw more fuel on the end-to-white-genocide fire.

Praise Kek.

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