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“We must secure an existence for our people and a future for White children.”

For anyone on the left: The above statement is pretty much what your going to have to argue against in the coming years.

You have been trying to maintain the opinion in middle-of-the-road White America that to want to do the above 14 words is evil and means that you plan to gas Jews, make Black people work as slaves and make Asians expose themselves to considerable danger in order to build railways.

The basic problem you face is the plain, boring truth that to end non-White immigration and officially commit to maintaining the current White majority of Western countries, as well as raising birthrates to replacement level, is not mean. We’re not being mean to anyone. You are. You’re being mean to us.

You have failed to prevent a not insignificant number of Whites, many of them quite young, to come to realize that the 14 words are normal and in fact essential, in order to ensure that our communities are nice places to live.

The thing which allowed you to convince us that we are bad for wanting to keep White countries White (television) is almost completely dead in it’s ability to do so. It is not even true to say that the internet is as big as the printing press. It is far bigger. So you’re basically fucked.

Thus, I suggest a set of words that can be your own guiding principal going forward. Maybe they will help you to win a few elections as you experience your inevitable decline in political and cultural relevance.



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Cuckservatives make me laugh when they express confusion as to why Leftists support mass 3rd world immigration from the Middle East. Leftists are supposed to care about womens rights and gay rights so why would they want to import millions of these people? They are literally the most sexist and homophobic people on the planet – EVER.

All of this confusion can be dispelled by understanding the singular goal that the left is based on. It is the issue of the 21st century and the basis for a real revolution across the Western world. The left only cares about White genocide.

All other causes (including other groups of non-whites) will be thrown under the bus if necessary, in order to further the plan to flood every White country with mass 3rd world immigration and force assimilation (i.e. intermarriage).

I find it funny that all those leftist professors I had to listen to in University were so concerned about the possibility that I might have some kind of lingering sexist or homophobic opinions. Considerable resources were put into trying to change peoples opinions on these matters and now they are flooding White countries with millions of people who have opinions on women and gays that are harsher than any you can find even in distant European history.

As I wrote in the ‘About‘ page of this blog, the left is a complete fraud.

More and more leftists will realize this and one of the truly destabilizing things I expect we will see in the near future is the growth of a disaffected wing of the left which begins to rebel against the establishment. It’s one thing for a shitlord like me to hate this system, but the real fun starts when committed left-wingers begin to abandon ship.

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I have heard people say that White people are less ethnocentric than other groups. Blacks and Latinos are always thinking about their racial interests to one extent or another. Asian-Americans also work for their group interests. All these races have organizations that exist for the explicit purpose of benefiting their own people.

But White people are not less ethnocentric than other groups. The difference is not quantitative but qualitative. White people don’t just have zero pro-White organizations. White people actively punish any other White person who advocates on behalf of us.  Something fundamentally different is going on here.

White people will never become ethnocentric and politically organize for the explicit purpose of promoting White interests so that they can make a bit more money or get an advantageous position over other groups. We will only become racially conscious when we HAVE TO. We are not interested in jockeying for position in Washington to get a better deal. We are driven by survival.

If Blacks or Asians feel threatened they might emphasize group allegiance even more than they normally do, but they are always thinking about their interests at least a little bit. If White people feel that there is an existential threat we will not simply turn up the volume of our ethnocentrism. It will be like flipping a switch.

If you trigger the tribal response in us, we won’t simply start a NAAWP and take up our place next to the other minorities whining for a bigger piece of the pie. We will take the whole damn pie.

Trump’s campaign is remarkably optimistic and inclusive. He thinks he really can appeal to the common sense of many Black and Latino Americans when he says we should prevent any further illegal migration into the country and that all illegal aliens present in the country should be deported.

Leftists are actually afraid of this guy. The predominantly White attendees at Trump rallies are, by all accounts, totally welcoming to Trump supporters of any race or religion. For all you SJW’s who are horrified of the MAGA movement, you have to understand: This is White people being nice. If White people truly sense an existential threat, it will be like flipping a switch. We will not simply become more bellicose than some of the more vocal Trump supporters, we will fundamentally change.

I maintain that if The United States goes down to approximately 50% White, the country will break up. The only way to avoid that is to at least halt or even reverse the demographic decline of White Americans (currently about 65%). If we can’t do that than the Union will not survive.

In my estimation the high water mark of White tolerance was back in the 90’s. The trend is clearly going in the opposite direction now. People who continue to push for White Genocide be warned: You do not want to see us pissed off.


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