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The 20th Century Media

I’ve heard a number of names for what has historically been called the ‘main stream’ media (MSM).

Lugenpress (which was a term used in Germany in the 20’s meaning ‘lying press’).

‘Lame stream’ media.

‘Legacy’ media.

This guy likes ‘Yellow stream’ media. A little too scatological for me.

Unless someone comes up with something that I think is better, or if no other term catches on, I’m going to call it the ’20th century’ media. People haven’t yet started thinking of the 20th century as something old and no longer cool. It’s been 16 years, so it’s still new, but I think many things will happen very soon that will make the 20th century standard seem out-of-date. 3D printing and automation to name a couple.

My point with ’20th century’ media is not that CNN and company are smaller or less influential. They are completely obsolete.


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