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“We must secure an existence for our people and a future for White children.”

For anyone on the left: The above statement is pretty much what your going to have to argue against in the coming years.

You have been trying to maintain the opinion in middle-of-the-road White America that to want to do the above 14 words is evil and means that you plan to gas Jews, make Black people work as slaves and make Asians expose themselves to considerable danger in order to build railways.

The basic problem you face is the plain, boring truth that to end non-White immigration and officially commit to maintaining the current White majority of Western countries, as well as raising birthrates to replacement level, is not mean. We’re not being mean to anyone. You are. You’re being mean to us.

You have failed to prevent a not insignificant number of Whites, many of them quite young, to come to realize that the 14 words are normal and in fact essential, in order to ensure that our communities are nice places to live.

The thing which allowed you to convince us that we are bad for wanting to keep White countries White (television) is almost completely dead in it’s ability to do so. It is not even true to say that the internet is as big as the printing press. It is far bigger. So you’re basically fucked.

Thus, I suggest a set of words that can be your own guiding principal going forward. Maybe they will help you to win a few elections as you experience your inevitable decline in political and cultural relevance.



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Support Jade Armenio

This girl was assaulted for saying that she hoped Trump would win.

All this whining about how, with the election of Trump, Whites are telling POC that they don’t matter or whatever. Assaults like this happen every day. That Black girl isn’t saying this girl doesn’t ‘matter’, she hates her and is attacking her.

One of the reasons I have always been so pissed about racial issues is that my whole life I have heard people who claim to believe in ‘tolerance’ complaining about things like ‘unconscious racism’ whilst Blacks, Latinos and Muslims are attacking White people in the streets.

I was lucky enough go grow up in a very White town and go to a very White high school. I can’t imagine how pissed off White kids that have to go to heavily Black and Latino schools must be.

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Read the cover of this edition of National Review. Nothing will change until Republicans stop asking how REPUBLICANS survive and start asking how WHITES will survive.

The fact that they even phrased the question that way should be taken as proof that they are planning on allowing White Genocide, and are now thinking about how to profit politically from it.

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14 Words

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I’m sure that about 100 years ago believing that America ought to be a white country was considered so normal that no one even argued the point. But in the 60’s we saw a change in the message from the media and in short order, believing that America should be white became anathema. A big change was the transformation of the Democratic party in the 60’s into one that would increasingly be opposed to white interests.

As that became apparent, whites who had some racial feelings began to vote for the Republican party because they believed, either consciously or unconsciously, that it was the party which would represent white peoples interests.

Many of the so-called ’red meat‘, capital ‘C’ conservatives have, for decades, been crypto-pro-white. A lot of the people who got Reagan into office were from the John Birch Society and other such organizations. This element within conservatism has been around for as long as it’s been socially unacceptable for whites to care about their race. Yeah, that long. One of the chief eunuchs of our modern, castrated conservative movement, William F. Buckley, once said “You know, I’ve spent my entire life time separating the Right from the kooks.”

Leftists have, in spite of themselves, managed to hit on a bit of truth when they say Republicans are ‘racist’ (which for leftists simply means ‘pro-white’). Some of them really are.

These people have either been consciously pro-white, but not in public (for fear of being called ‘racist’ or losing their job), or they were engaged in a little self-deception; convincing themselves that they really believed in those abstract ideals of low taxes, low immigration, small government and so on. When in fact all of those policies are in the interests of whites.

I believe the latter group to be quite large. White people are clearly capable of thinking and saying ‘diversity is wonderful’ whilst moving away from it as soon as they can and resettling in some lily white suburb. (And then sitting in front of the television and watching the multi-racial CSI team nab another sadistic white male rapist).

These people still turn out in invisible droves to vote for whatever Republican candidate is on the ticket. Many of them, just doing it because they feel they have no other option and some of them, so stupid that they really think that party will, in some veiled or accidental way, benefit whites.

But America is 60 or so percent white and Heidi Klum chose not to abort that bastard child – time is short. It’s time for these crypto-racists to come out of the closet. If they have been consciously pro-white they need to vote like it and support pro-white political parties, like the A3P. If none are running in their area then support pro-white organizations financially or otherwise. (And breed damn you, breed!)

And if you’ve been deceiving yourself into thinking that you’re really just a ‘patriotic American’ then try this : Just picture a nice, traditional American neighbourhood. White picket fences, green, manicured lawns, good schools and safe streets. Big beautiful houses that are entirely or mostly paid for because the occupants have not spent their lives being hampered with high taxes to pay for illegal aliens from Mexico, incorrigible inner-city scum, and wars for Israel. Everyone there is white and no one hates you. Admit it, you like it.

And you might as well admit it now because you’re going to admit it eventually – and you KNOW IT. And you’re going to have to admit it eventually because America is 60 or so percent white and the people who run our society have openly stated that they will not stop until America is filled with 3rd worlders and you no longer have a demographic sanctuary to call your own.

And if you think that voting for the Republican party will ultimately preserve the white majority and its way of life, I have one question for you : “How’s that workin’ out for ya?”.

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At the recent NPI conference, Richard Spencer mentioned something called the “Majority Strategy“, which was originally proposed by Sam Francis, and has since been taken up by Peter Brimelow and Steve Sailer. In a nutshell, it says that the Republican party is dreaming if it thinks it can curry favour with blacks or Hispanics; it can only win elections if it focuses on the white vote.

This is very true; the Republican party would benefit greatly at the polls by appealing to white voters. And like precious few other things in life, this is easier done than said. All they have to do is push the one unifying policy that whites broadly approve of – immigration restriction (which to white people really means “non-white immigration restriction“). But of course, it’s unlikely they’ll even do that, since the leadership of the Republican party doesn’t care about white people.

I feel I have to mention before I continue that when reading the articles explaining this strategy, I get the impression that the authors seem to be more interested in using whites to help the Republican party survive than using the Republican party to help whites survive, but I digress.

"Whites will have to stick together or they’ll be eaten alive."

One thing I like in this approach is that it recognizes the obvious point that white Americans are a pretty homogeneous group and can be united, not only on issues such as demographic genocide (immigration), but also on things like anti-white discrimination (affirmative action), and a host of other policies that screw over whitey. Politically, this is the way forward. Whites will have to stick together or they’ll be eaten alive.

But the strategy misses a pretty huge issue. Yes, whites are a homogeneous group that should have their racial interests represented by the Republican party (or another party if the GOP is unwilling) but Sailer and Brimelow treat the left as if it is some monolithic, tightly regimented army of people willing to fight and die together for their common welfare (no pun intended). The left is far from united. Theirs is a motley crew of blacks, Hispanics, feminists, homosexuals and a hundred other small bands of the nieve and degenerate who form the ‘mystery meat’ section of the social progress cafeteria. They have nothing in common except that they are greedily striping hunks of meat off the same carcass. And if the alien/traitor elite that decides who gets how much distributes things unfairly, there will be a minor scuffle between the squawking vultures.

Also, it is well known among people who have had contact with Obama’s America that Hispanics absolutely hate blacks. And no doubt the feeling is mutual. The hilarious thing is, while blacks and Hispanics are kicking the crap out of each other, your local leftist professor is concerned about things like ‘white skin privilege’ and ‘unconscious racism’.

My problem with Sailer and Brimelow’s approach is that even if they got their “Majority Strategy” and the Republican party gained enough power to shut down all non-white immigration forever, the people that are responsible for the 1965 immigration act and the vast 3rd world population which it ushered in would still be in power. How are you going to deal with them? Debate them Jared Taylor style? That aint gonna work. Debate is for two parties who want the same thing but disagree on how to get it. This is a fight. They want to eliminate us and we must survive. We can’t simply stop and then repair what they have done. We have to destroy them completely so that they can never do this again.

And in order to do this, any legitimate pro-white political movement must do 2 main things : a) politically organize whites to push for their explicit racial interests, and b) turn non-whites against each other in order to break up the coalition that our alien/traitor elite’s political power is based on. Once we stop giving tax dollars and jobs to these blacks and browns, they will realize the jig is up and become increasingly competitive for what few scraps remain. When the screw-whitey-coalition breaks up there will be no anti-white voting bloc and we can play the non-whites off against each other just as our overlords have played them against us. That’s right my friends, diversity is OUR strength.

In short, instead of trying to simply halt the trends set in place by the left, we actually use them and redirect these ‘energy flows’ of managed ethnic conflict in a way that would benefit whites. That’s called finessing it!

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